This playful abstract painting reminded me of boardwalks by the ocean and rows of colorful beach towels, thus its title, Beach Walk. It is a 20×24 oil painting on canvas.

This piece evokes the depth of the ocean–it is always still, even when a storm rages upon its surface.  The painting is 20×20 mixed media on canvas, sealed and varnished. It is framed in an elegant white floater frame.

A triptych of 3 framed 12×12 mixed media paintings on panel, sealed and waxed. This triptych of a mountain landscape is a hybrid, mixing representational and abstract elements to enhance the impact of the painting.

This painting was inspired by a hike to Rainbow Ridge, a ridge overlooking a vast meadow in the mountains near Mt. Shasta. At the top, one can see in all directions, and viewing that expanse brings perspective as well as joy. 30×30 mixed media on canvas, sealed and varnished.  

The title of this painting refers to an actual place high up on the slopes of the 14,000 foot Mt. Shasta. When the snow melts one can see enormous slabs of red rock close to the peak, visible even from a great distance.  This is Red Banks, and it is only by navigating through these […]

The blossoming of trees in spring is feverish with pink and red buds, followed by an abundance of blooms. The title of a poem by Beverly Burch, Feverish Trees, inspired this abstract depiction of spring fever. The painting is 24×24 oil paint on cradled panel, sealed and varnished.