Medium/Large Works

Jenkins' triptych, Twists of Fate, is an abstract composition using oil paint over an acrylic underpainting. Colorful lines drawn through wet oil paint make a web of marks connecting pink, orange and green organic shapes
Twists of Fate


Carol Jenkins' large abstract landscape in yellows, orange and blues, inspired by the warmth lingering in the Grand Canyon as she made her way down the river on a rafting trip.
Warmth Lingers


Jenkins' large abstract landscape created with transparent layers of orange, pink and yellow paint.
Beyond What We Can See


Deep reds, pinks and pale yellow creat this abstract landscape inspired by the mountain mahogany trees in the Trinity Mountains of Northern California.
Mountain Mahogany


The dark red, green and turquoise shapes in Caro Jenkins' abstract landscape are disrupted by splashes of white. Dusk arrives at its own pace with bright spots and fiery red moments.
The Pace of Dusk


The blues and greens of this abstract landscape by Carol Jenkins give a sense of water dripping through branches and fresh leaves in Spring.
Tangle of Snowmelt


Carol Jenkins Confetti Sunset is an abstract landscape in greys, pinks and reds with strong diagonal movement.
Confetti Sunset


Shades of turquoise highlighted by a touch of orange evoke a wintery sense of of serenity.
Cold Snap


Carol Jenkins' large abstract painting with pink, red and sage greens.
Redbud & Shooting Stars


This abstract landscape is composed with many layers of pale pinks and yellow with strong dark areas giving structure to the soft fields of color.
Pink Moment 1


The sweeping fields of different tones of blue and the passages of intricate mark-making and collage create an abstract painting full of movement and energy.
Egrets Flying High

A large abstract seascape of blues, pink and yellow with layers of angled glazing and drips.
Night Migration


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