Recently Sold Work

Carol Jenkins painted this large abstract landscape with orange, pinks and yellow under a pale blue-green sky.
Clearing the Rim of the World

Deep blues and orange highlights make up this abstract depiction of a large lake in the wilderness area of the Trinity Mountains.
Tangle Blue

Large turquoise and pale orange abstract painting inspired by the spillover from Lake Siskiyou down a long narrow canyon.

12x12 framed mixed media painting, sealed and waxed. The jarring dark shapes and jagged lines amidst all that pink evokes the feeling of a teenage blush.
First Blush

Carol Jenkins' dramatic abstract landscape is composed of blues, pale green and pinks in various shades. There is a large area of light that glows in relation to the darker shapes below.

The different shades of neutrals: pinks, yellows, ochres, felt like echoes of one another, thus Light's Echo.
Light’s Echo

An abstract landscape using yellow, blue and gold evoking a ridge overlooking a vast meadow in the mountains of Northern California.
Rainbow Ridge

Red and green painting with strong geometric shapes and a soft violet sky.
Red Banks

This atmospheric abstract landscape is painted with greens and turquoise, and has surprise collage elements
Whisper and Hush

Yellow and pink painting, with turquoise highlights and subtle collage. This painting reminded me that a light, joyful painting can evoke hope.
Rendering Hope

This striking abstract landscape painted with blues and yellows reminded me of the sweep of birds' wings.
The Sound of Wings

Many shades of red and grey make up this powerful painting. The composition evokes ancient ruins etched into the earth.
Night’s Oracle