Recently Sold Work

Carol Jenkins' abstract landscape is painted in olive greens, dark blues and white. It is made with collage pieces and acrylic paint.
Lattice of Starlight

Carol Jenkins' Moonswept is an abstract landscape in dark rust and blues and yellows. It depicts a mountain under a starry sky.

Carol Jenkins' abstract landscape of trees in winter is created with blues and greens on a snowy white background.
Here Before Us

Carol Jenkins has created a series of collage paintings, abstract landscapes in burnished reds, moss green and blues.
Garnets & Lime

Carol Jenkins painted this large abstract landscape with orange, pinks and yellow under a pale blue-green sky.
Clearing the Rim of the World

Deep blues and orange highlights make up this abstract depiction of a large lake in the wilderness area of the Trinity Mountains.
Tangle Blue

Large turquoise and pale orange abstract painting inspired by the spillover from Lake Siskiyou down a long narrow canyon.

Reds and pinks and sage green create this abstract painting that is named for an actual plant with the mellifluous name: Hummingbird Sage.
Hummingbird Sage II

Carol Jenkins abstract painting with pinks and sage green.
Hummingbird Sage I

12x12 framed mixed media painting, sealed and waxed. The jarring dark shapes and jagged lines amidst all that pink evokes the feeling of a teenage blush.
First Blush

Carol Jenkins' dramatic abstract landscape is composed of blues, pale green and pinks in various shades. There is a large area of light that glows in relation to the darker shapes below.

The different shades of neutrals: pinks, yellows, ochres, felt like echoes of one another, thus Light's Echo.
Light’s Echo